We have rescue dogs, we have cats with extra toes. We have found goats and sheep, we have rescue pigs, and turkeys, chickens, pheasants and ducks. and no… as if it isn’t obvious, we do not eat our animals.


What is surprising to most of our guests and passers by however, is our rescue bird aviary. Homeowner, farmer, and Chef Mollie is a long time bird lover. When we moved to this space, she built a massive bird sanctuary. In southern California the black market for exotic pets can be pretty large. Many people don’t know how to care for the “pet” they’ve bought - and Mollie made it her mission to build a safe space for them. It is multiple sections so that new birds can integrated in stages. The aviary is surrounded by palm trees and misters, and has a large tree in the center. Each of the birds have their own personality - and many of them speak! Some as old as 35 years old, these are intelligent and loving birds. For more information reach our via our contact page.